Phase Rotation Checker SOKEN DAC-PR-1

Phase Rotation Checker

SOKEN Phase Rotation Checker DAC-PR-1 is a handy-type checker to detect the rotating direction of motors.


  • DAC-PR-1 is primarily applied to detect the direction of shifting magnetic field of the stator of motor, or rotating direction of the rotor.
  • The instrument is designed compact and light-weight, so is portable even in a pocket.
  • Direction of phase rotation is indicated by lamp and buzzer for easy recognition, thus making the instrument well suitable for on the spot testing.


  • Method : Detection of differences in the shifting magnetic field
  • Measuring Distance : Within about 10 cm. from the surface of the specimen

  • Frequency : 40Hz – 70Hz

  • Power Supply : 1.5V Dry Battery x 2

  • Dimensions : W30×H55×D180 (mm.)
  • Weight : About 260 g.


AC Motor, DC Motor, Pulse Motor, etc.