Inverter Hot Line Coil Resistance Meter SOKEN DAC-HIR-3

Inverter Hot Line Coil Resistance Meter

SOKEN Inverter Hot Line Coil Resistance Meter DAC-HRI-3 can measure resistances of the coil winding of a motor driven inverter power supply (PWM) during applying voltage.

Generally, either the temperature measuring method which measures a partial temperature by using temperature sensor, or the resistance method which measures resistance and converts it by using temperature coefficient, is introduced to temperature rise test of motor. Comparing these 2 methods, the former one is easily influenced by an environmental temperature. DAC-HRI-3, introducing the later method, can measure resistance of the coil windings directly and obtain precise resistance values. Besides, DAC-HRI-3 can measure resistance without turning off the power, it is enable you to have the true temperature of a whole driven motor coil efficiently.

Test Materials

  • EV Motor

  • Brushless Motor

  • Compressor Motor for Air-Conditioner

Rerated Standard

  • JIS C4203 Single Phase induction motors

  • JEC 2137 Induction motor

  • JEC 60034-1 Rotating electrical machines – Part 1 : Rating and performance

Conversion to Temperature

Conversion to Temperature

Conversion to Temperature is possible by input the Initial Resistance value and initial Temperature value through PC by using sample software. Measured values with time are saved and displayed in an Excel Sheet.


Item Value
Measuring range : 0.2Ω Range : 0-0.2000Ω (Superimposed Current DC100mA)
2Ω Range : 0-2.000Ω (Superimposed Current DC100mA)
20Ω Range : 0-20.00Ω (Superimposed Current DC10mA)
200Ω Range : 0-200.0Ω (Superimposed Current DC1mA)
2000Ω Range : 0-2000Ω (Superimposed Current DC0.1mA)
Testing Voltage : Max AC450V*
*Max 700V type is available as option. (Model DAC-HRI-3 Type 700)
Frequency : 10-400Hz
Resolution : Voltage Meter : 0.1V
Resistance Meter : 0.1mΩ (0.2ΩRange)
Display : Voltage Meter : 4 digit
Resistance Meter : 4 digit 2000FS
Accuracy : 2Ω/20Ω/200Ω : ±0.3% FS
0.2Ω Range : ±0.5% FS
Input impedance : 0.2Ω/2Ω Range : Approx. 1.5kΩ
20Ω Range : Approx. 15kΩ
200Ω Range : Approx. 150kΩ
2000Ω Range : Approx. 1500kΩ
Interface : RS232C
Analog output : DC0-2V
Power Source : AC100V-240V±10% 50/60Hz
Dimensions : W430×H200×D385mm Approx. 20kg
Accessories : 1) 4-terminal probe (6m)
2) AC Power cable (3P inlet cord with a ground terminal
3) Instruction manual
4) Inspection certificate (Test Report)
Option : DC Blocking Capacitors Box (C-BOX, 7A, 23A, 45A)

DC Blocking Capacitors Box

DC Blocking Capacitor must be required for measurement under energized. An appropriate capacitor must be selected in accordance with the rated current of specimen.

  • Capacitor : Electrolytic Capacitor

  • Maximum-allowed-current value

  • 470μF…..2A

  • 4,700μF…..7A

  • 47,000μF…..23A

  • 330,000Fμ…..45A

Connecting Diagram