Leak Standard BACHARACH LS-25

Leak Standard

In addition to the H25-IR PRO, Bacharach is also introducing the LS-25 Calibration Leak Source as an accessory to a H25-IR PRO leak detector. Although the H25-IR PRO does not contain a leak reference, and doesn’t require one for normal operation or periodic adjustment, the LS-25 was developed to serve as a traceable standard for those customers who require it as part of their overall asset management program.

Operating Conditions
Tenperature 20°C ±2°C (68°F ±4°F)
Humidity 45% ±10% RH, non-condensing
Air Pressure 1 Standard Atmosphere ±10%
Orientation Bench top

Enclosure Dimensions: 12″x6″x6″ (WxHxD)
Weight: 3 lbs

With the LS-25 external leak source, the H25-IR PRO can be calibrated to the gas and leak rate desired. Please see below the part numbers for a variety of gases. Others are available upon request, please contact C.R. Mechtech Co., Ltd.

Part Number Calibration Gas Leak Rate
(not adjustable)
3015-5640 R12 3-10 g/yr ±15% of
3015-5641 R22 3-10 g/yr ±15% of
3015-5642 R134a 3-10 g/yr ±15% of
3015-5643 R404A 3-10 g/yr ±15% of
3015-5644 R407C 3-10 g/yr ±15% of
3015-5645 R410A 3-10 g/yr ±15% of
3015-5646 H1234YF 3-10 g/yr ±15% of
3015-5647 R32 3-10 g/yr ±15% of
3015-5648 R600a 3-10 g/yr ±15% of